Career at a Glance
     Kevin Conrad graduated in 1983 from Sage College of Albany with an Associate's degree in Applied Science. He immediately found work in commercial advertising, mainly with local businesses, including product illustration for a New York / Massachusetts supermarket chain, Price Chopper. Some national clients included Troy Bilt garden products, Scholastic magazine and GE. Kevin also was the creator and artist of "Coaxx," a superhero who briefly defended the TCI Cable company in their advertisements. Although most of the illustration done was of a technical nature, the occasional 'gem' would come his way.
       Wanting to follow his lifelong dream of working in comics, and tiring of the lack of creativity in the commercial work that would find him, Kevin sent sample inked X-Force pages to his friend's editor at Marvel. The result was immediate work as a contributing inker on X-Force, working over Greg Capullo's pencils as well as nearly all of Marvel's 'X' titles and their spin-offs. He was promoted to regular inker of X-Force starting with issue # 38, teaming up with up-and-coming penciller Tony Daniel. These two would, over the course of many years, continue to accent each other's work. After their collaboration on X-Force, Kevin and Tony were hired by Todd McFarlane to be the creative talent behind the Spawn mini-series; Spawn: Bloodfeud. Assisting with the inking chores on the regular series, Spawn from issue 31 to 39, Kevin then joined Tony again to illustrate the even numbered Spawn issues from # 40 through # 50. Following his run on Spawn, Kevin contributed to many projects from the 'big three', finally landing his dream job and what he considers the pinnacle of his career -- inker for KISS: Psycho Circus. After 31 issues and two pencillers, the KISS series was finally canceled, but not before Kevin had the chance to pencil the final cover, with KPC penciller Clayton Crain inking it. Following the cancellation of KPC, Kevin headed over to Spawn: The Dark Ages with Nat Jones as penciler, inking issues 15 to it's last issue, 28.
     Currently, Kevin contributes to various DC and Image properties, while finding more and more penciling projects along the way with independent companies and his commission work. It seems Kevin has come full circle with a small resurgence in the commercial art field from agencies around the nation finding his comic illustration a viable commodity.

We also have a more detailed biography and career synopsis, read it here.
    Kevin Conrad was born on August 24, 1961.  He enjoys sci-fi and animated movies and film.  Some of his favorites are: Star Trek, Howard Stern, X-Files, Dark Angel, and Crossing Over with John Edward.  Kevin loves animals and is a supporter of animal rights and the environment.  He loves dinosaurs and is a fan of Jurassic Park. He loves hard rock music and was a KISS fan from a very young age.  Plays the drums.
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Kevin's Bio written by (my uncle) Jerry Lawrence and "Endcap" written by Kevin. No longer on, but archived here.
About Kevin overheard at the Message Board
"Kevin is one of those guys. A true work horse who continues to excel each year over whatever artist he is inking. Inking is sometimes glanced over and if you enjoy it you probably give most of the credit to the penciler. But take a good look at Kevin's work. I think you will see more detail there than you might expect."
- Todd McFarlane

"Why doesn't he draw [Spawn: The Dark Ages] himself?"

"It was Kevin's work on Dark Ages that first showed me how vital the inker is. I'm not an artist, and because of that, I tend to be ignorant sometimes, of what goes into making a great all around comic page. Seeing the process on StDA, pencils to inks to colors...really opened my eyes... ...
The fact that Kevin is a kick ass artist in his own right...must add to his ablity to make dynamic inks, to really contribute to the final art for each comic page. Very cool." -Twisted Spine

"Besides being one of the nicest guys on the planet, Kevin is an incredible artist. LIke Danny Miki, neither gets to show off their own art enough by being primarilly inkers; however, Kevin and Danny are both unbelievably talented all-around artists."
- Brad Gould, Managing Editor (Spawn titles), Moderator