Commission Artwork
  "As a writer and creator all I ask for from any artist is to stay as true to my characters as they can. With the illustration that artist Kevin Conrad has finished for my comic book series: 'The Snowmen' he has gone way above and beyond what I had asked of him. Not only staying true to these characters but breathing into them a new life and spirit and letting even me, who has lived with these images in my head for so long, see them in a fresh and exciting way. I would not hesitate for a moment to ask of Kevin a drawing of one of my own creations and of any number of my favorite characters. Look for Kevin's fantastic rendition of 'The Snowmen' in the pages of that comic book series. And if you're in search of an artist who goes the extra mile to make a dream come true then all you need do is follow this road that leads to the world of illustrator: Kevin Conrad. I did...and I am glad of it. Thanks Kevin for the great piece of work."

Gary Petras Writer/Creator of: 'The Snowmen'

"I'm a big fan of Kevin's art, he is a master for me and a source of inspiration for my artwork. Kevin's work has a unique quality for me -- one of the best of the artists of our time.

Is a honour to write for him this introduction ,I hope in future to collaborate again with him."

Stefano Cardoselli 2002.

Snow Men, Full Pencils and Inks
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