As originally published The Mighty I # 1

The Mighty I Interview
May/June ‘95
By Terry Fitzgerald

TF: Tony Daniel has been working in the comic biz for the last few years. How about you? What was your first big break?
KC: My first pro job was “X-Force” #22, back in February, ’93. I’ve always been a Marvel boy, never having worked elsewhere before that. I stepped right into “X-Force” and luckily didn’t have to wallow away in “Dr. Strange”-land. Greg (Capullo) included a sample page of mine into a box to “X-Force” editor, Bob Harras. Greg wrote on it, “I gotta friend that wants to ink and I think he’s really good.” That was enough for Bob, and I was hired. Before that, I was a commercial artist for ten years.

TF: Like Tony, you have been labeled one of comics’ great upstarts, destined for success. Whose work has influenced you along the way, and whose style do you think you emulate the most?
KC: My biggest influence is Greg Capullo, who is not an inker by trade. If you mean guys who are inkers only, then it would have to be all of the silver age guys like Joe Sinnott, Klaus Janson, and such. At this point of my career, if we were talking about contemporary inkers whose style I was trying to emulate, that would be Art Thibert and Scott Williams. Now, I’m trying to do my own style, which has its similarities to the new Image style, but I want to come up with my own blend.

TF: Todd is a slave to his Hunts 102 and 107 inking tips. Since we only get 4,000 letters a day asking about them, what tools do you use?
KC: A lot of my outlining is done with a Windsor Newton series 7 #2 brush, and then I use a Hunts 102 and Gillott 659’s (when I can find them) for the rest of the work.

TF: Have you ever wanted to pencil and ink a book? What would it be?
KC: Spawn of course! (laughs) OK, all butt-kissing aside, what would I want it to be? A Spidey and Hulk cross-over, my two favorite characters growing up.

TF: What about writing? It seems the longer someone works in this business on the art side, they eventually decide that they want to do it all. Look at guys like McFarlane, miller, Adams, et al.
KC: The longer I’m in the biz, the more I feel I have to control more aspect of the project I work on. In a lot of words, I saw that when I came into the business, I’d be happy just doing inks, but as I grow I feel and urge to pencil and I know that later on I’ll also want to write.

TF: Have you ever noticed that these pros were always artists first, writers second. Does that tell us something about writing or writers?
KC: It sounds to me that anybody who has the capacity to visualize and the ability to put down ideas on paper, probably also has the desire and ability to write.

TF: Can you imagine Peter David penciling and inking Aquaman?
KC: (Laughs) Umm, no. How does the saying go? Those who can’t draw…write.

TF: Greg Capullo tells me that you guys are buds and have been since your high school days. Who was the bigger geek, you or Greggory: OK, just kidding, did you both want to work in the comic biz at that time? Who did first?
KC: We were both competitive in high school and we both swore that by 1983 we’d be in the comic industry. It took a little longer than that. As for the geek factor, we both had long goofy hair, and were in a heavy metal band together.

TF: I hear Greg serves up a killer veggie burrito. Do the two of you routinely work together, not on the same project, but in the same studio? (They live only a few miles apart)
KC: Yes, I try to go over at least once a week. It’s a lonely business we’re in, so we’re on the phone all the time anyway, so I go over there to pick his brain.

TF: Do you think this has benefited you both some how?
KC: Definitely, a thousand fold, over and over. I’ve learned more from Greg about technical aspects of the biz, than I could of learned on my own in a ten year span. He’s been a mentor and a big help along the way.

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